Birthday feat. Badass Yuki

Nothing good happens after 5 am?

Hey hey!
As I went on Soundcloud it turned out that I hadn't given you anything to listen to for a couple of months. Here's a remix of Badass Yuki - Rollercoaster Town. It's more or less finished and it's here exclusively, if you like it, then download it, as it won't be here for long.

Badass Yuki - Rollercoaster Town (Barthol Lo Mejor remix)

On Friday I got off work at half past one and started for the birthday party. The only problem was that I didn't have the address and the birthday boy wasn't picking up his phone.

No idea what happened

I did what I could and headed in the general direction and started going through the contacts on my phone to ask them if they had the address. The third or fourth person under the letter B gave me some general guidelines. Some ten minutes later I saw a guy in red pants with two girls in a bus stop.

On the phone to Mr Congressman 

The red pants seemed to indicate that they were the kind of crowd that could have been to the birthday. So I asked them:
"Are you coming from Tõnis' birthday?"

Pretty accurately captured scene

"No! But you do know where he lives?"
"No, not really."
And so I got the directions for the house. It was on top of a restaurant and the party was in full swing.

Bikes and bathtubs, enough to make a girl happy.

I stayed until half past four when it seemed reasonable to move. With two girls we started heading towards Protest which was in the general direction of my home. On the way I got a crash course in ugly wedding dresses which were on the store window.


Protest was decent and people were dancing even though it was 5 am. I was too out of it to get a clear photo of it all.

White wine.

I ended the night with finding a friend in front of Hesburger and got into his taxi. I was in my bed at 6 am, getting ready for the morning after.

Kicking it and licking it.

See you in Nälg on Friday!