Waiting for apocalypse at Manatargaq

I know your music, It's my exercise tape

For the Last Saturday we went to the Manatargaq psy-trance rave in Telliskivi. I was invited there to take photos of the rave and their crazy visuals. I took the evening bus back to Tallinn, swung by home, attended a birthday and by midnight we were at the door. I was still a bit shaky from the Friday's artsy Christmas party.

Nice to see girls with classical taste in rave outfits.

The line was long with everyone being searched and given an assessment on their clothes' level of sportiness. The guy in front of me was too sporty so he had to block the queue and argue with the security. Our clothes were party and the organizer met us on the door and helped us in. The guys behind us had a huge pastry with them and one of them was always complaining on how gay he looked with his glasses.

Dj Taavi Ilves chilling everyone out.

When entering the party the visuals were mind blowing. Too bad not that many people had gone for the neon clothes as the black lights were almost everywhere. Some had gone for the white look, I don't know if especially for this last Saturday night. I just wore my casual ski outfit.

Me, straight from the snowy slopes of Estonia.

There were three rooms, one of those was a chill out area where Taavi Ilves was playing his set. The main room was the place to be with it's massive light show and two buoy dancers.

I couldn't take me eyes of of her two buoys.

I can't recall much of the music as I don't know much about psy-trance other than it goes something like: "diggidi diggidi diggidi viiiiiiiuuuuuuüüüüt" at least that's what I was explained last time. But people enjoyed it and were dancing and showing off their glowing things.

This is almost what happened.

A friend told me that this time it was like a builders Christmas party, when usually it's mostly hippies in gowns. I guess the hippies were preparing for the apocalypse somewhere.

Didn't see the second room fill up, but the light was cool.

The shower booth in the bathroom got converted into a powder room with men trying to see how many of them could fit in at once. The only stall was also forever occupied. I didn't mind, because I've done the same thing. Passed out in the only stall and wondered why people were banging on the door while I was trying to rest.

I think someone spiked my camera because at some point it started seeing things.

It was hard sometimes because there was lots of smoke for the lasers which made the flash completely useless. Out of the 150 photos I took here you have the best. Overall this is one of the most colorful shoots I've done at a party.

This guy came to the future to see the apocalypse.

The apocalypse is coming, so the only wise thing left to do is to listen to my tracks and like my page on Facebook. If you do that, the angel below will save you and take you to the never ending angel rave in heaven or a space ship.

The rave's guardian angel.
It's been nice knowing you all,
merry apocalypse and see You in hell!
Barthol Lo Mejor