What happened in 2012

Hey you,
2012 has ended and so it's time to see what has come to be during this year. I'll keep it short and sweet - here's a list of what happened and photos from the last weeks of 2012.

"I don't know how to pose"

Here's a list of this years accomplishments:

> played 20 shows/sets - that's the new yearly record
> released the "Molotov Spray Tan + Jet Set Rebels" double EP
> my tracks were featured on three compilations
> played at TMW and TMN festival showcases
> around 10 000 readers came to Fluon,
> published 42 posts on Fluon
> gave two interviews
> moved to Tallinn
> got 2 new cameras and took over 7000 photos
> my book was exhibited at Kumu
> attended I don't know how many parties and festivals
> went to Barcelona, Venice and Croatia.

Playing the 20th time in 2012, at a party in Genklubi.

The vodka connoisseur working.

Djs of legendary Varjend.

A band playing at Rokiklubi.

The last live of Mürgelmaschine in Sinilind.

Close up of the last live of Mürgelmaschine in Sinilind

See you in 2013