Being stupid around Tartu

Do something stupid

Hey you,
We spent this weekend in Tartu. Hadn't been there since last year.

Somekind of kawaii animal.

We went to Genialistide club to hear Dj Studious, Dj Raadž and Dj Moose play there.

I ventured to the smoking room also.

There wasn't much room on the left side, by the Dj and not that many people on the right by the bar, so the crowd wasn't equally distributed.

Always a pleasure to see Lawri.

Raadž was playing and absolutely refused to be on photos. It was the same with a chubby blond girl, who started yelling at me.

The awesome barmaid at Kivi.

There was also a guy looking for action, mostly people and things he could hit. I hope he found something in the end. Like a post to bash with his head.

Kissing by the records.

We went on to Kivi to see what was going on there. The other bars were already closed by then.

Nice piercing.

As the photos looked a bit dull, I asked people to do something stupid for the photos. Most of the girls thought sticking out their tongue was enough. So take a second and think what you would do in that situation.

An unique touch.

The night ended at 5 am. As I was heading home and spotted Zuks in front of me. We swung by Zavood to see if something was going down there. We were too tired to try to elbow through Zavood so we continued on home.

Zuks rocking it at Zavood.

See you soon!