First time in Club Studio [updated]

Happy New Year!
Fluon is now FOUR YEARS OLD. Here's a track from the coming EP to celebrate:
Barthol Lo Mejor - NYorky Bounce (free download until 20.01)
New year - dye your hair.

On Saturday I went to different venues. We started at Clazz with my lil sis. There the jazz-rap band Külalised was playing with Sander Mölder and Dj Quest playing inbetween them. I don't think I've ever watched them play before, but it was enjoyable.

"Dance all you want, the playas wait in the corner"

Next we headed over to the Studio club for the Tallinn Express party. The line-up included Programm Extra DJs Quest, Paul Oja and Critikal aka Bert on Beats on the first floor. The second floor was for the Rulers of the Deep.

DJs Paul Oja and Critikal spinning in the booth.

I hadn't been there before, but I had heard about their expensive sound system and tickets. The first impression I got was that they have the friendliest and politest security guards I have met. Even though the first guard couldn't find us on the list.

DJ Critikal aka Bert on Beats and the moves like Jäger.

I was surprised as I had thought the club to be white on the inside, but it was full of color and lights. The DJs played a good balance of commercial and obscure and constantly mixed from one to other.

The colorful lights and lots of smoke.

The downside was that there was no room to move around even though there weren't that many people there. If you wanted to move you had to squeeze or elbow through crowd. There also wasn't a place to rest from the constant hustle. It got worse when we tried to hit the dance floor girls were whipping their hair around and guys were hustling in all directions. The couple guys with too much speed in them were the less annoying part.

The black light on the second floor with stars on the wall.

There were some familiar faces around and the music was superb. A lot of people didn't agree with me and a girl even put two middle fingers in the air when they played Prodigies Everybody In the Place. Another girl  gave Paul Oja a request to play. Too bad I don't know what it was.

Promoting a bar's stripper party with a Disney character.

We left around 3 and I passed by Must Puudel where Kalamari Unioon was taking place. I didn't make it inside, but there was plenty going on outside too. There were chipmunks, people with joints and a bum with two lit cigarettes,

A quick look at the Kalamari Unioon at the Must Puudel.

See you at our birthday!