Happy birthday hospital!!!

Why did you take a photo of the queue to the girls' toilet?

There's a fine line between a party with too many people and a party with not enough people. Both of those factors can ruin a good party. This weekend we went to the Birthday party of Haigla pidu (Hospital) at Sinilind.

Haigla was one popular birthday child as Sinilind which I estimate can fit around 1000 people was packed full. I went there to take photos and that's what I did. I also did a lot of standing in lines.

Fredy (of Laika Virgin and Animal Drama) just had to be colored sixties.

I jumped queue to get in when I got to the door, as I was already running late. Greetings to the ticket crew and I think even the security guard harassed me less than usual.

DJs Ats Luik and Jan Tomson playing.

I had to talk to everyone I was taking a picture of because as I don't have a huge camera people wan't to know why am I taking photos or they want to take a photo with me or something third.

Girls-boys-girls in the queue for the toilet.

Too bad Westons wasn't available on tap anymore and so I waited ten minutes for nothing and then as much to get something else.

Matching the picture on the bandage with your image.
The music selection was very interesting and I was a bit surprised by some of the tracks and genres. I have to admit that this was my first time at a Haigla pidu.

This wall pattern always gives me flashbacks.

Girls insisted on going to the men's toilet and they always wanted to be the first ones. Because of that some guys had to go to the booth four at a time.

The party was tight and at times you couldn't understand what was going down.

I met a lot of old friends and that always helps the party go better.

VJs were using old tapes for visuals, lovely 90s feel.

As this is a huge 11 photo post, I have ran out of ways to bitch about there being too many people and too long lines so from here on just photos.

Girls sipping on Cider

Legendary "climb out the window" smoke room

Lonely boy with a balloon.
It's too bad there was a lack of space as the party seemed great. See about another time at Sinilind from here.
See you soon,