To Polymer from Viimsi from Sinilind from Hoov

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Hey readers
it's another weekend in Tallinn. I got four nights off of work and there was much to do and places to be. On Thursday there was a lecture on the  connection of architecture and music. It took place in Hoov and continued with the Väke Jack house night. We stayed for an hour or so. There was a table tennis tournament also taking place there and the whole party seemed like a strange sports theater play. After that we went to a childhood friend's house cooling party. We sighted girls riding a deer on the way and stopped at the Baltijaam for drinks and a "tseburek". Two floors and a rooftop terrace were at our disposal when we arrived. It got wild and most of us skipped sleeping that night.

Girls having fun at Sinilind

The new place Sinilind is now opened at Müürivahe street. We went there on Friday night to celebrate a special occasion. There were DJs playing but I never identified them. There were mostly musicians, advertising people and designers attending. It's too early to say what will become of it.

Balloons in Viimsi

On Saturday we ignored the Lady Gaga show and stopped by the Polymer festival exhibitions instead. After a quick tour we went to Viimsi to say goodbye to a friend of ours, who's leaving for Italy.

It's about the small things (which sometimes happen to be big).

It took us 3 hours to get there. I have no idea how it happened, but we went around town to find the biggest champagne for her.

Concept watch - it's always party time (well at least until she takes a shower)

After the party at Viimsi I went back to the Polymer festival. There were still several people around the compound and the rooftop terrace was the place to be and a couple of producers were hanging out there. The thing was though that no one was playing. Apparently the DJ had enough of the bad organizing and had left and the music was coming from an iPod.

The other bar with the two Finns on the left

I had a jar full of cider and high spirits so we agreed that I would get my record from my place and come back to play a spontaneous set. I tried to find a bike to borrow, but the only one I found wasn't lent to me. People can be so paranoid sometimes. The back up plan was that I took a pair of Finns with me for company. They weren't fans of walking around North Tallinn at night so we got a taxi back from my place.

Last night the DJ saved(?) my life

I got on the decks and started pumping the party beats. The shocking part was that the equipment wasn't grounded and every time I had to touch the metal parts (the cross fader for example) I got mildly electrocuted. That might have been why the last DJ had left. I got another jarfull of cider and kept playing.

What's going on?

My best audience was a guy who passed out in front of the stage. At some point I had to check his vitals in the middle of the set. Actually I think he's the super drunk guy I saw at the Andy Warhol project last week.

The last visitors rocking out.

It was a great end to the weekend. I spent the Sunday sleeping and writing this post. More adventures await and we'll probably meet somewhere along the way.

That festival night had a great atmosphere.

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Thanks for coming.