Music filling up Tartu

I was told your live in Tartu was awesome

Tartu Music Week was inspiring.
The days started with the panels where different topics about being a band were discussed. I attended all the panels and (not so) strangely all the discussions led to the same points. I was a bit disappointed to see so many musicians missing out on the opportunity as the panelists made valid points about the local scene and it's opportunities.

The panel about Tallinn Music Week with Aivar Tõnso, Helen Sildna and Toomas Oljum.

I hadn't played a live in Tartu for about two years, but that drought ended with Tartu Music Week, as I got to play two lives in one day. That's the first time I've done a thing like that, but it was great in a way that I got to warm up decently for the live at Gen Club.

Berk Vaher, the moderator of the panels was dressed for the part

I played in a bizarre line up which I like to call Barthol and the two elephants, as the bands before me were Galvanic Elephants and Elephants from Neptune. The biggest band of the night was Elephants from Neptune whom I also saw warm for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They have great energy and good stage presence, but some say their tracks are too alike to each other. It' decent Rock'n'Roll with all it's goods and flaws.

The frontman of Galvanic Elephants - Taavi-Peeter Liiv

Different stages were spread around Tartu during the day time. I saw Argo Vals at Cafe Noir and Multiphonic Rodent at Y-gallery. The latter managed to jam even with the sound guy as he hadn't shown up for sound check and they had to set up the booth monitor for him in the middle of the set. The absurdity of the situation was amusing.

Listening to Argo Vals aka Pastacas on Prozac and testing the smile trigger on my camera.

The set at Nälg was okay, as it was at 7pm and without anyone playing before me. The people were sitting down and listening to my stuff. It's been years since I've played to such a lounging audience. I used the beats and the smoke machine to get them on their feet. The night in Gen club was a totally different deal.

Unfortunately there are no photos of my live at Gen Club. To make things worse (or maybe better) it made my top three of all time performances with 2010 in Von Krahl and I would leave the first place open. The special part of the live was the improvisation with a coffee grinder. With beats in the background I rocked the electric coffee grinder through the mixer using various effects. I might do it again for some live because it was really cool so bring a mug with you for next time.

Ending the set with people on their feet.

I plan to take a break from playing as I have achieved my goal for the year and I need to work on the music for the next release, which might actually be on a disc.

See you soon