Andy Warhol in Estonia project by Kiwa and Martin Saar

Some people spend their whole lives thinking about one particular famous person

Hey you!
This wednesday we went to a special art event which was the presentation of "Andy Warhol in Estonia's" trailer. It took place at the studio of Martin Saar on Tatari street. Kiwa was starring as Andy Warhol.

Kiwa as Andy Warhol with security chicks

There were three parts to the event. First there was the screening which took some time because it was too light outside. The movie is planned to be finished in 2017 and to be shot in different locations around the word.

The show started already outside of the gallery

The event was semi-closed, but someone told me that the last event had been packed with local celebrities. Loads of Champagne, beer, wine and vodka were served.

Andres Lõo taking a smoke break

Secondly there was a piano concert by Martin Saar, which sadly was only/mostly covers and no original works. I didn't know what to make of it.

Posing with paintings is almost as good as posing for paintings.

The paintings combined whatever you come across on the internet "before you diagnose yourself with depression, make sure you are not in fact surrounded by assholes" type of stuff. It's hard to predict if such memes will stand until next year or the one after that. The paintings were pretty to look at no doubt.

A fresh Warhol fan inspecting the show

The third part was the auction where Martin Saar was supposed to sell his works off the walls. He only sold about half of them and after that it was cancelled because the prices weren't high enough. So sadly my little sister didn't get to buy her first piece of art.

The audience waiting to see the trailer for Andy Warhol in Estonia

By the end of the night the coffee machine shut in as someone had poured champagne into the extension cord. Also one visiting artist had gotten super drunk, asked all the girls to pose for him and basically got kicked out in the end.

Martin Saar using on of his paintings to cover the window

This was supposed to be the last exhibition by Martin Saar before he leaves for the states to study art there. I'm excited to see what direction he'll take in the future. It was an exciting Wednesday evening and it continued for us in the center until 5 a.m.

Kiwa being used as a mirror

See you soon!