Beachy birthday party

I know your music, I listened to it 5 years ago

Hey, welcome back!
This hot weekend was a busy one and only the first part of it will fit this post. I was invited to play a set at Mc Lord's birthday at Võsu beach club. That place had the vibe of "Ocean Sound Wave".

Girls wrestling in the sand in the morning

It's a beautiful place especially when the weather is good. Too bad I don't have any photos of the suburban setting between the forest, it felt like a mix of American and Scandinavian setting. It would be great for shooting a music video.

The crew going to the party

The night was full of acts and DJs from the Rakvere scene like Kalvik, Udu and Öökülm. There was also a set by Sigue Sigue Fabrique and a breakcore live by Eeter. As much as I recall it was all great stuff.

Finally made it to the beach

The party caught on like a wildfire and around 100 people were taking everything that the sea, forest and the acts on the stage had to offer.

Pretty beach girls were waiting for us.

Hey look over there...

...more pretty girls!

Sigue Sigue Fabrique feat. Horse smoky Dj set

At around 6 am I got kicked out of the place. I had been sleeping on the ledge over the stage. With no car or tent to sleep in, I joined the last party-harders who were drinking on the beach. That's also where I got out my sleeping bag and took a 2 hour nap in the sun. To my amazement I didn't get sunburned.

The morning after with Mc Lord the birthday boy

When I got up again, it was time to go to the shop for water, ice cream and food. After that we went for a swim in the sea, not far from where Robotaanika Park had been held.

Next day, next party - Koit at Viljandi

Next day it was time for the next party in Viljandi. See you at Tartu on the 9th of August where I'm playing two shows. The first one in Nälg and the second one in Gen Club.