Love and Marriage go together like parties and Fluon

You're from fluon.bläöüõgspot, yeah, it had too much ladies' underwear for my taste

Welcome back!
So much stuff has happened that I can't fit it into one post. Here's a new track to accompany this post - "Speed Courrier", reminiscent of Dj Hell and Arnaud Rebotini. Push play and read away about a friend's wedding and Kultuuritolm festival.

Kultuuritolm was a great festival and I got to see the main acts despite being at work until midnight. The main act Molly Nilson reminded me of Lana Del Rey at times. Her performance was enjoyable. El Mayonesa was the first act I saw, he played at the jungle stage, which was hidden in the bushes and a different dimension altogether.

The tunnel towards the light, to the jungle stage.

Andres Lõo played his new set which was reminiscent of 70's industrial rock and/or electronics. It was very much his style with the main emphasis being on the conceptual side and less on the sound and story. It was a bit dry for my taste, but as you can see from the photo, a lot of people enjoyed it.

Andres Lõo's audience.
There was a spontaneous table tennis tournament at 4 am and it took us an hour to get back home afterwards. It was yet another great party at the Patarei Prison. It's just too bad I didn't get to stay until the sunrise.

Paul Sild from Badass Yuki

There's no party like a wedding, once you're done with the ceremony and the silly games or just get drunk enough not to be annoyed. I went to a good friend's wedding recently and had a lot of fun. The morning after at work was of course the exact opposite.

The couple in white.

Instead of a crappy band, there were two dubstep (and stuff) DJs playing, who managed to play funk and retro instead. A waitress praised that kind of alternation.

Dj giving the guests something to dance to.

The table was full of food, wine and vodka. That was mixed up with coffee and Henessy in a couple of hours. The next morning I managed to create a perfect hangover drink. It's water with lime and a dash of regular tonic. It tastes like aspirine water without the pain killing benefits, but it's just what I want in the morning. As most hangover avoiders know that you have to take the painkiller in the middle of drinking for relief.

The groom being congratulated.
I also went to the Mutant Disko at the new place that's called Sinilind (Bluebird). As this post is already full, I'll tell you about that soon, in the next post. There's also a good chance that I'll be working there.

Ott from Tank Gallery, showing of his intimate tattoo at the wedding.
I'm also planning to redesign Fluon, so put all your complaints and ideas into the comments. The black background will go for sure and probably some shades of purple also. There will be more photos and as frequent posts as possible.

Thinking about going for a swim at dawn.

See you soon!