Why didn't I go out this Weekend

We don't need photos of our concert

I hope all of you who wanted the free download of NYorky Bounce got there in time. Have a listen:

Barthol Lo Mejor - NYorky Bounce (free download until 20.01)
It was really cold outside, that's why.

Hey, I admit that I didn't go out this weekend. You might be wondering why, and so am I! Here are some photos that try to answer that question.

I got my hands on an issue of Vice magazine, that's why.

I did go out once and that was the opening of Raoul Kurvits' retrospective's opening in Kumu. I went there by tram being accompanied by two photography students drinking no-label beer and a girl from advertising.

Posing artists, that's why.
Afterwards We got on a taxi with Kiwa and ended up at the exhibition's salad afterparty at Sinilind. I left before the drunk lady fell down and the girls started fighting. Maybe neither happened at all.

Mihkel Maripuu and Akky Glitter, that's why.

There was plenty to do at my studio and people to have over. I've been watching a lot of 90s cartoon recently. The list includes Clerks, Undergrads, Mission Hill and Clone High. I can recommend Undergrads and Mission Hill.

Kiwa was rocking Tallinn, that's why.

I've also managed to get some good books of contemporary English authors. January is usually my reading month. Lets hope February is more about writing and photos.

Colourful screens, that's why.

Inspired by Undergrads I also wanted to try playing Risk. At first I thought that the tales about 8 hour games was a myth, but it took us half an hour to understand the rules. Luckily the game lasted only close to three hours and I controlled North America, Australia and Japan.

Playing Risk, that's why.

I can't wait for this weekend to get out. I haven't actually decided on which event to go to and I might even go to Tartu. I just have to check the weather first. We'll see soon enough.

Recycled newspaper Star Wars stormtrooper snowflake, that's why.

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See you soon