Erasmus pool party in Aura

He's gay, that one over there's a bisexual. I know too much about them

Hey, welcome back!
Here's my pool track to listen to while you look around - Ocean Sound Wave.

At the pool like a sir.

The pool party wasn't half the party it was a year ago although this time we made it there a bit more sober. Also our party crew was bigger than last year. It's important to bring your own crew as everyone else was Erasmus students. I did meet a couple locals I kind of knew. The crowd was a third of what there was last year.

Estonian "superstar" Rasmus Rändvee's birthday party with the cameras.

Most of the time the choice was between cocktails at the pool side or being in the pool. We also played basketball and the trophy for winning was a pair of deep bite marks. In addition there were water slides, a bar with drinks, four jacuzzis and three different saunas. Some of those saunas were on the "wrong" side, but during the party most of the facilities became unisex any way.

Celebrating the end of Movember in Genklubi.

The events of the night are blurred as I was enjoyed a fair share cuba libres. I do recall seeing the end of the limbo contest. The winner was the one who could stand up by himself. I also overheard some guys and girls discuss whether they should smoke the weed inside the aroma sauna or on the balcony. Because of our presence they chose the balcony.

Pregaming in Tigutorn before the pool party.

I had never seen the DJ before and I guess there hasn't been much of a chance for that anyway. I remember his selection included the "Gangnam style" which didn't make the people go as crazy as he had hoped.

The beginning with almost no one there.

I ended my night with hitting my head on the water slide at the last minute and now I have a concussion. That might be the reason I got these photos looking so colorful. No worries I'm recovering.

The party crew in matching white robes.

There wasn't that much more to fit into the short 4 hours there. We did get a tour of sexual preferences of various men around the pool from our connoiseur of the subject.

Bad boys on the balcony.
Last falls pool party was a more impressive experience for me, but I might go to the next one or maybe not.

See you on the 14th in Nälg