Dark days

So you want to be the cocaine of music

Welcome back,
The snow finally came and lets see what happened before that.

Two girls found each other at a Noorus' night.

I'm playing a half-private night this Friday, if some of you want to hear that, then drop me a line.

Rave Dave kicking it with a beer before we headed out
to show off his beard at Red Emperor.
Meeting Finnish students at Red Emperor who challenged people to drink beer
with two tampons in your mouth. Eventually the challenge was excepted
and the guy did it in about ten seconds. He turned into a belly button
beer fountain.

Meeting in the earlier hours of a Tartu night.

Two zombies looking at the pool party and befriending a cat. We tried to take it to the bars with us, but it had ADHD and short legs.

Paavo Matsin hosts the sickest book launches. This time it consisted of  a tenor singing, a violinist playing, best presentation of travel photos ever, an overview of Latvian drinks,  sword fighting and Bartitsu the martial art of gentlemen. The tradition of drinking shots of pure spirit (96.7) continued.

Dj Girti playing at Noorus

See you soon!