The usual week end post.

"I recited parts of your rap to these Romanian girls and they loved it"

Hey you!
No house parties for us this week end. I went to an art exhibition opening on Friday. I couldn't stay for long because we had an interview about our exhibition, I wrote about the opening. In the evening went to Genklubi to see my friend play bass in a new band. They had a really good stage presence. It's one of the most important things about a live show, being good on stage and entertaining your crowd. Don't be a zombie.
Zomby boy bands don't have much life in them

The artist from the exhibition was there and she got drunk, kicked off her shoes and started a mosh-pit. That's crazy painters for you. I've been handling zombies for the past week and writing to media, it's part of my work. I got my first letter from the head editor of elu24. She didn't say much but it was fun. It's almost as good as when I got a letter from Mount Sims saying that he liked my music, because it was ugly and beautiful and wanted me to remix him.

Another photo from last weeks house party for your pleasure.

I have been working on a new track. It has a Vitalic meets Latino sound to it. I'm listening to Vitalic right now. I know I haven't shared anything new with you after For Play Ep except for Frank Call. I'll have to take more time to produce new tracks as soon as I get some stuff done. The sad news is that my friend got kicked out of his apartment. Why is it sad? Because we built a mic booth in his room and now I can't record vocals at his place anymore. I'll think of something new.
Anyways I will give you a wild mix of my new tracks asap. At least a teaser to get you to come to my shows. If any of you have a crazy idea for a show then contact me. I would love to play rooftops, vans, houses and candy shops. It's summer and we should really take advantage of it. Lets make this summer Epic.

I'll be playing in Tallinn at Errorfest on the 13th of May together with Eboman, Love Fine and Laulan Sinule.   Also we have a sound performance coming up. It's at the Prima Vista book festival in Tallinn on the 8th of May, 17:00 in Kiek in de Kök.

See you soon,