Festival of errors.

"My friends tease me, coz I don't have a photo on Fluon"
Hey You!
This weekend was like a fast train. The main event was Errorfest in the old Patarei prison. It all began on Thursday as we gathered some friends and tried to sit through the horror they call Eurovision. I gave up when halfway through. Some of us made it through and even bet on who will win. Afterwards we went to Nott for more fun and drinks.

People at Errorfest festival stage on the beach at night
The night was very warm and summer-like. Photos from that later this week. I stayed out only until 3 because I needed to get up early next morning. I had to wake up at 4:30 to chase away a drunk who was pissing against my wall and loudly commenting on it. So I got up at 9, quickly mastered three tracks and caught the bus. It was Friday 13th. My soundcheck was supposed to be at 2pm. When I got halfway I got an email saying that my sound check will be at 9pm instead. I could have been cozy in my bed.

Kinkymint and Olio fooling around on the beach

The Error festival was special as there were three great artists from abroad - Eboman, Love Fine and Jaakko-Eino Kalevi. The fact that it was in an old prison contributed as well. Eboman's video bending-glitching-cutting live was my favorite. It was like taking youtube on in boxing and winning after ten rounds. I didn't think it would be so dance able. He is also a great guy with cool attitude. We talked about lot of stuff, but I can't really remember what. I played at 5am, two hours later than I was scheduled. I had lost my voice, but I still rapped and sang as promised to my four faithful fans.
I spent th night in the same apartment as the other artists and had time to discuss licking games with the Finnish guys and to talk about different music in Russia with Love Fine. All of that with eight bottles of rum and boxes of beer and cider. Ty, Errorfest.

People watching Eboman's Sample Madness show

We got back from the prison, drunk, cold and voiceless around 7 am. No one was yet a sleep and there were intense discussions. I asked a couple of questions from Jaako Eino Kalevi. Enjoy the mini interview.

 How do you comment tonight.
It was good as always. I liked the amount of the audience - 20, it's the perfect amount.

 Do you plan to come back to Estonia.
Sure maybe this month. There is a Janno in Killing in nõmme, he is having a night thing somewhere and we might play there. (He was resting his eyes already then).

We went to sleep pretty soon after that. One of the Finnish guys was lost on the way and hadn't turned up until noon. It was a great festival, thanks to everyone.
See you soon,