Underground with angry kids and sirens.

"It's hard to sing your songs, because there are no lyrics, but I still do it."
Hey you!
This is my fresh Vitalic meets Latin house work in progress - Vacation Dustination. Listen to it as you read about how we went underground and the upcoming errorfest. Tell me what you think about the fresh approach, in the comments below.

This Sunday we went underground with a group of experimental writers, musicians and artists. It was for the ongoing literature festival Prima Vista. We descended into the old tunnels under Tallinn to produce artwork. The underground was full of plastic mannequins acting different periods from history. We presented our works to the crowd in the evening. I wrote a nonlinear poem - a map of words.

The cool suspects of a train hijacking.

These two, hiding behind the sunglasses, hijacked the future train. We got caught half way back by the guard and had to return the train. There were already forty hyperactive kids, angrily waiting to ride it. We managed to escape. We also discovered an air raid siren which made wicked noise. I want to have one of those, maybe I could get it off ebay. I would sound it every time the neighbors annoy me, or another drunk guy comes to take a piss just outside my studio window.

After the performance we played two games of Worms and went to eat at Bonapart. We managed to go to the wrong one at first, but eventually got to the right one. A fancy meal with wine was already waiting for us.

A very artsy lomo/hipstamatic like photo of Kiwa and a writer sitting at the table after finishing the fancy meal and their coffees.

A picture of me.
This is my new look after the errorfest app on Facebook - click it to get your photo errorized as well. Join us, the other errorists on the 13th of May at the Errorfest. It takes place in the former Patarei prison in Tallinn. I'll share the stage with Eboman, Love Fine, Jaakko-Eino Kalevi and Laulan Sinule. Bring you error. I'll grab the mic and perform my first rap track "The pick up". It's about how to pick up women: "...a girl with blonde hair blue eyes, everybody's looking but no one tries, she's the one I'll be doing, I count to three and I go in..." Come to hear the rest of it.
See you soon.