Opening for you

"Why the hell did we have to wait outside for half an hour"
Hey you,
On tuesday we had  the opening for our exhibition. I was glad to see a lot of you there. The people were waiting in line outside of the gallery door for the opening as we still had to mount the sound gear and some of the works. My altar with the golden icon of K8 Mosh was up already 4 hours before so I just had to light the candles, but other artists struggled more with their works. 

Me and the Y gallerist in BLO ME shirts
At the exhibition you can see my digital paintings originally made for KUMU in 2010, but only two of them were then exhibited. So now for the first time you can see all five of them. They are beautiful although beautiful isn't really appreciated.
Exhibition opening speech by Edvin Aedma and my performance
There were performances planned for you at the art opening. Most of them went well. Including the speech about the semiotic context of neurolinguistic cerebral polar processes, the showcase of special children's clothes and my live show. One of the artists wanted to make a performance playing a synth. He has never learned to play the synth and so it was a problem for him but that was the essence of the performance. I was happy to showcase my music as my american friends hadn't heard it before. There could be a future collaboration with one of them. We'll see soon enough.
Popop blogger with two girls. 
Some of the guests stayed for hours as we played music, talked and hung around the gallery. Thanks again to all of you who already came and everyone else still has until the 8th of May to come and see it in Y-gallery.

The crowd looking at my paintings at the opening

"Man, your sound talks big talk"
Two of my tracks were used in a short video in Switzerland. I have no idea what it's about because I can't understand the word they are saying. I guess it's okay because one of the tracks has lyrics in Estonian so they don't have any idea what the music is saying. I will post it as soon as it's public.

I like girls who like beautiful art, especially if they wear my shirt.

Thanks for waiting for this post and for coming. As the spring keeps getting worse, download my songs from the player up there on the right and listen to them from your iPod.

See you soon