Lets do it together!

Your video propagates sex. I don't like that!

Welcome back!
Huge thanks for supporting our video! So many people have stopped me during last week to comment on it. So far the reception has been split between good and bad, but all good things are controversial. Most people want to know who is the star of "Frank call".

Girls enjoying drinks in Nälg.

Having a music video has been a dream of mine for a long time. It's really cool that it's on Tv now. In the coming weeks I'd appreciate your help with keeping it on Top7.
Help me by voting at Top7s website (my interview's there also). You can vote around 20 times from one ip. Together we can be number one and stay there for weeks.

Indie Djs pay for what they play at Nälg.

Popop was cool and featured the video. You can help me further by sharing the video on Facebook, Twitter or just make your friends look at it. This is one of those times that every ones contribution counts and is needed. Comment and like it on Youtube as haters are rolling hard there.

All girls like unicorns.

I'm working on the Ep and you'll have a preview soon. "Frank call" will be on it and some other tracks you already met, but also some fresh tracks. Excavator drivers' massive favorite "I dig dirt" will be there. "Pick up track" will be remixed by me or someone else. There are more projects lined up than I have time for.

Kicking it with Micrologue in the backstage of Errorfest.

See you soon!