Playing with a new toy.

The best of this years Estonian underground electronica

Welcome back!
It's been a busy week full of birthday parties, thanksgiving and other events. The quote is from Radio2 by Koit Raudsepp as he put on "Frank call". Here's some silly fun for a limited time - Pick up track (Songsmith salsa edit)

Zuks playing lounge music to three girls.

Me and Zuks played a back to back set in Nälg yesterday. The setlist included Dorian Concept, Tiga, Mstrkrft and Justice. I also brought an emergency kit with Fatboy Slim, Mylo and other well known classics in case of a dance crisis. The bartender kept us in check when we wanted to go too hardcore. It was another wild Saturday night with girls, occasional celebrity and great music. I can't recall how long we played because Henry Westons was on the house, but we certainly had fun. Zuks brought his special mixing console and it was a bit tricky to use but we created some magical transitions and loops. After finishing the cake of the day we ventured to Kink Konk. I might play there soon by the way.

Kaarel from Popop in his crib with a cat.

While we were playing, a French girl drew a picture of us. I'll post it to Facebook. So if you are not liking my page do it, so we can reach 300 and win the battle. It's on the right in the sidebar.

See you soon!