Pregaming Christmas.

Welcome back!

We were contacted on Thursday and asked if we wanted to play at Nälg on Friday, because the other DJs had cancelled a day before. We accepted the challenge and it was great. Me and Zuks played a 4 hour set. It started with mellow tunes and three dancing foreigners telling me to turn it up. I was prepared to rock the floor as I had schooled myself on advanced use of CDjs and brought the fresh tracks and old classics. I even played two of my own and they worked well. Zuks played with his DJ toy like last time.

My fellow party people.

There was also a very persistent German hippie girl, grabbing my knobs, while I was playing. I almost had to throw her out. At some point, when I was mixing too viciously, I lost one of the knobs. Luckily I recovered it quickly and the flow was uninterrupted. Surprisingly most of the crowd was international students. At the end of the night it was harder to keep track of what I had played already as the drinks kicked in, but my ears and body knew what they were doing. We'll meet at the dance floor soon enough.

We had a Christmas dinner on Saturday. I was urged to sing "Pick up track" before I got my present. I got a bag full of fireworks and glow sticks. It continued with games and ended with magic shots and a pillow fight. The pillow fight master was Marcus, my very distant cousin. It has been his dream to be on Fluon, as most of his friends have been featured already so this is him. Merry Christmas, Marcus!

Marcus. His hobbies include playing with dogs, vodka and DJing.

Some times you go out for a walk and end up somewhere else. On Thursday I ended up at the art school Christmas party. It had a laid back atmosphere. Everyone had a red kitten drawn on their hand. The best part were some old friends I hadn't seen for a while plus the new friends we made. Two girls were wearing white foam hair, but that was about all the artiness I witnessed.

Christmas is the time for fireworks.
Fluon will have it's 3 year birthday on January 7th and it will be synced with post number 100. Make sure you come back for the limited time give away. Also read about my lessons and achievements of 2011.

See you soon!