Wienerfest 2012

Your blog's layout is as if an eager schoolgirl just started blogging

Last weekend was busy. At some point I was supposed to play in Tartu, but when it got cancelled I decided to have some people over to break in my new place instead.

It doesn't take much to be laid back - just some rum and raw wieners.

The gathering was decent and lots of strange fun. At some point there were 7 packs of wieners, platters full of garlic bread and two cakes to eat. It all culminated with a micro cake war.

Just a couple of guests are missing from this photo, but you can see the garlic bread.

On Saturday we headed to Biit as it was having it's "One year and one day" birthday party. Tommyboy, Kazk and Orelipoiss were playing music. Check out the short clip of it and remember to subscribe, as there will be more clips about all that's going on soon.

Later we went on to Ptarmigan, which is a project space in Tallinn that I've never visited. It's located under the Canadian embassy on Toompea. Anyways there was a sound art night there with Mats Lindstrom as the main act. The other acts were nothing surprising although Toomas Savi's dubish soundscapes were decent. But the grand finale of Mats Lindstrom was overwhelming. Maybe half the audience couldn't take it and walked out in the middle of it. You can see why in the video.

So what do you think of Fluon's layout? Is the font clear enough? Any thoughts about the videos? Subscribe to get the videos before they get up here.

See you soon at the Artishok Biennale.