The main news is that I finished and uploaded my remix. I remixed Heat by Mimicry.
Mimicry is a contestant in the Estonian Song 2010 for Eurovision. This is not the song in the final, but another one. As usually(for the second time) I just used the vocals sang by the beautiful Kene Vernik.

A new remix is on the way for a famous Estonian artist not yet to be revealed;)
Also I am doing a dance show with a very talented dancer on the 20th of march in Tallinn. At the Tantsumaraton "Made in Estonia" in Kanuti Gild.

In other news, MTViggy blog has this to say about my music. It's a nice surprise to find something new said about your music.
"Lo Mejor incorporates trickles of conversation, old film clips, Gameboy soundtracks, cartoon wham-boom-pows, and jumpy 4-note basslines into his laptop-driven, synth mess."
"So why am I selling you a product that can get you sick? This is also a sound that’s guaranteed to get you and your futon-bound friends jumping around. "