Festival fever #5 - art in Tartu

Your tracks are interesting to drum to

Before flying off to Venice and Croatia I have just enough time to give you a quick overview of this year's Art Ist Kuku Nu Ut festival. I went to get a glimpse. It passed by fast and those days were intense. There was shit, art and a boat party. The nights ended with a communal dinner shared between the artists in the atrium of the Y gallery.

Having a cig.

There were three exhibitions opened and my favorite was the soft red light in Y gallery which turned the whole room into an installation of sorts. Also I enjoyed the video piece about three dogs ripping apart a chair at Noorus gallery. The three days flew by as the openings started at 5 pm already and you know how those openings usually go. It's mostly about talking with people who are blocking the artworks.

In the red glow of art.

I have stronger feelings towards the last years festival. Possibly because I was more involved and there were more artists from abroad. But the organisation was once again well done. Especially the gathering/recreation of three iconic works of Estonian art history. One of which is literally shit. I won't get into that.

The listeners at the first artist talk.

Another cool part of the festival was the boat party. we got to spend about two hours riding up and down the Emajõgi with wine and catering. There the artist talked about their artworks and the inspiration. It was followed by a big party in Kink Konk.

Party in the atrium of Y gallery.

The festival has a great tradition of having an hangover brunch and it helped me survive the ensuing discussion about the state of the current art world in Estonia (state funding etc.).

At the boat party on Emajõgi.

See you in October!