Birthing days

I feel being transported back to the 90s

For the last months I've been working on making my first CD. It's a 90s influenced Ep called CitYearning and it should be done soon. As inspiration I took UK and Estonian bootleg CDs of the 90s. The tracks are inspired by (living in) the city and the different lives and experiences. Not to leave you hanging without insight into the nightlife. Here are photos from a wild birthday party somewhere in Tallinn.

A sandwich doesn't come easy.

Hold on!

How to dance to dubstep.

The drinks and food.

Praying to the altar of One Direction.

Taking a photo of taking a photo.

She was worse as a foot model.

Cooking with Mona.

The tattoo.

Best face.

Every party needs fuel, why not super garlic.
Let me know what you think about the new banner in the comments. Should there be a photo of me or something? Should it have more colors?
See you soon!