Raving with the cops

your blog is not about Estonian Nightlife, it's about young open creative people having crazy fun time - which is a lot better!!

This was one killer weekend. The type of "killer", that takes two days to bounce back from. All this bang from two parties on two nights. Listen to my remix of Princess Superstar - Perfect while you read on.

Dj SS Fabrique being a pimp with his brandy flask.

On Friday I went to celebrate the birthday of Kalvik - house master of Rakvere. It took place in Snakehouse like the Hotel Salvador party last time. I really like that venue, it has a good layout and an easygoing crowd. There was also a band rehearsing behind the wall.

Birthday boy Kalvik with an affezionato.

Everything started (and for some ended) with a big white bucket of punch. I had seen the ingredients before they mixed it together, but from the taste you couldn't tell it kicked like a mule.

Punch waiting for the victims.

People showed up, some wearing the suggested sunglasses, had the punch and some cake. At first they just kind of stood around and talked about stuff, but as the punch settled in some of them went wild on the dancefloor.

The other birthday boy.

At first the Djs started playing house, but I heard Fabrique had dropped some serious stuff later in the night. I went around looking to capture any of the action for all of you. Not everything fit into this post, but you can imagine what went on.

Special points for style to these two.

On Saturday we went to a rave at an artists' squat. The buildings an old dormitory, but the last floor has been taken over by some people.

The secret location that you had to call for to find it lit with a single candle.

The rave was to celebrate two people moving abroad and a birthday of a third individual. It's one of the wildest parties I've visited lately.

The doorman inviting me in.

The place itself was really intriguing. Just rooms and rooms and rooms next to each other. Some were full of people smoking, one of those hid a second stage.

The second stage with girls dancing.

There was an occasional couple kissing in the built-in closets and people with bottles everywhere. And another room where people where staring at closets, imagining monsters crawling out.

Some people love playing all red.

Apparently at some point three thugs came to the party and went around offering cocaine to people. I can't confirm that rumor, but I did have some Pisang with champagne. It was slightly better than the rum with beer I had at Von Krahl.

Girls do this when they want to make your neck hurt.

At some points the cops arrived and wanted to bust the party. The hotel two stories down had called them because of the noise that kept their guests up.

The secret bar.

The cool thing was that as this was a squat, technically no one was the host of the party and they couldn't fine any one. This was enough of a mind fuck for the cops so they left it at that and went away.

Who invited the party-poopers?

We continued raving and probably the "levels-to-the-red" Dj went back on, so the cops came back for another time. They threatened to get all of us into a bus and take us on a field trip.

Write everything down so you don't forget in the morning.

One of the hosts stepped up and got the police to leave so we could go on. I managed to find a guy who was giving vodka shots from a bottle at the dance floor of the other stage.

Girls who like boys who like boys who dig girls who like boys...

It was the last time to have a dance as it was already around 4 am and people were either leaving or passing out.

Coming or going, in or out.

I made it back to my place at around 7, but managed to fall on my ass for the first time this winter. Might have been that the party's epicness had gotten me weak at knees.

Never give up (drinking)!

See you soon!