Tallinn Music Week 2013 part 1

Aren't you Barthol? I have your music from last year

Tallinn Music Week keeps getting better by the year. (Here's last year's post) This time I didn't have to worry about soundchecks and getting the delegates to the venue as my role was to write you about everything there was to experience at music week.

The festival takes its toll.

The first thing on the agenda was the Latvian reception at Must Puudel. The core of the Latvian reception always are the numerous shots of Riga's balsam they hand you. There were also bands playing and one of them used to be called Brainstorm, but as you probably know, it takes about 15 well placed people to fill up Must Puudel, so I gave up on trying to see them on the stage.

After all the Rigas Balsams at the Latvian reception.

Five or ten shots later it was time to go to the main delegate reception at Von Krahl. I took two Germans journalists with me and on the way there we found some lost Latvians delegates as well for our convoy. There had been some snacks at Must Puudel, but when we made it to Krahl we saw that we had missed the real feast. We didn't mind as there were still drinks waiting for us.

It's a shame when your only pants get drenched in red wine on the first night.

I also met Jussi there, the first person, whom I knew from last year's music week. I managed to see Pastacas and Mr Garfield there before heading over to Sinilind to see Chinawoman. There it was, the same that usual, the place was packed so tight that it was almost impossible to get out of the main room. As I am in no way a fan of being stuck between people, I elbowed my way the hell out and didn't see any Chinawoman.

Finnish VIPs.

I did meet another old friend at Sinilind, Chris from last year. We celebrated our reunion and discussed plans for the nights. I thought it might be the first time in my life I make it to Club Hollywood, as the Bass music showcase was held there, but as things turned out I didn't.

Apparently you also need management.

Next morning the president was giving a speech at the opening. Full seemed to be the way of TMW. Yet again the hall was too full to fit in and hear what the president was saying. Last year he commented on the fresh political issue of Pussy Riot being jailed, but it seems he never ceases to amaze the foreing delegates.

The President's speech.

Another flashback from last years was the bubbly that was served at 10 in the morning. All the foreign delegates always enjoy and comment on it. I guess it's very Estonian to drink champagne in the morning. I was in and out of the different panels as I had heard the same or similar panels last year as well. I felt like a zomby because I hadn't slept that much.

Trying to figure out who to give their promo CDs.

The most interesting panel of sorts was the Red Bull Music Academy talk with Dj Zinc. He was playing the same night and told people about how he had started out and about his history up until now.

A local DJ made Zinc sign like twenty different releases.

There were some interesting bits, like the fact that when the instant messenger came out then productivity fell. Also how Dj Hype was very blunt with his feedback about Zinc's bassline being shit and why it took Zinc two years before he agreed to visit Red Bull Music Academy. I promise I'll come over faster.

The Biit crew when I arrived.

After the talk I swang by Biit record store, but the City stage part had already ended there, so I just hung around until it was time to Head over to Bibabo. There Cubus Larvik gave a mind blowing performance. Two stoic performers. One standing, the other sitting and a web of light pulsating behind them to the rhythm of music. It sounded like Vladislav Delay during a polar night. I haven't been in a trance like that for a while.

Cubus Larvik taking it to the next level.

I was pleasantly surprised also by Rangleklods whom I at first mistook for my new favorite Estonian band. It all fell into place when I was explained that they are Danish. Their big stage feel was awesome and I recommend you see them play if you have a chance.

To be continued...
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