Morning, banks and stars: Tallinn Music Week part 2

Working as a musician means living in a bus for a year

...Waking up on last Saturday wasn't easy, but it had to be done. No breakfast and a tram full of angry people later I was back at the Hotel's conference center. (click here for part one)

Knob twiddling

One of the highlights of the conference was Edward Bicknell who has been the manager for Dire Straits and other celebrities. The first gig he booked was Pink Floyd and it was for 100£. He had some unbelievable stories about Led Zeppelin's deaf sound guy and what not. He was the first multimillionaire I've seen. Really rich people seem to have this aura of confidence which says: "I'm not afraid of anything, I have money to pay for it."

Check my demo panel at Tallinn Music Week.

I dropped my demo into the check my demo box and hoped it would get picked. "#¤%& it  didn't! Mart Avi was a favorite and Kazk, a close second. Then I had to go to sound check at LHV Bank. I even made my first video test in the backstage. Check it out:

I had some breakfast (not a burger) and then played my show. Two toddlers were very enthused and broke out their dance moves, other people stood still or were spinning in their chairs. After the show I got to sign a couple of autographs and to take some photos. At that point I had been squeezed dry and just wanted a power nap. 

Supersonic dancer

A brief visit to a friend's place with pasta and then we went to Von Krahl for all the indie bands. I didn't see a single act on Saturday. Mostly because the venue was packed full and the most spacious place was the delegate lounge. The night ended between four and five.

Special cards for TMW. You can ask for one if you see me.

It was a great festival and an introduction to the big music world. A bit sad that I didn't get a mention in the international media, but it will change soon.

Make it a Fluon moment!