No clothes were needed

The feeling that you've lived at the right time, comes at a private party in your underwear

It has been awfully quiet and the spring doesn't seem to be showing up any time soon. I did play a live at a private party in Tartu in the mean time. A girl's birthday, the walls were covered with the camouflage net and a single light was blinking in the corner. The heavy artillery was the smoke machine, which kept the atmosphere dense. It took place in Mimicry's studio. The party started with one of the toilets clogged and the other one's key had been lost. I went on just as I felt that if I have another drink I won't be able to play. Thanks to the eager girls dancing, it was appreciated.


Paul played a live with Kosmosepoiss, his former solo project over a couple of years (five?). So the party ended with the listeners in their underwear dancing away the night. Some of the guests improvised on the drums and there was an amateur rap and beat-boxing session. I got back home at dawn after a failed search for fast food and my legs hurt the next morning. As it turns out that I haven't played an open Live show in Tartu since November 2010.

Playing live.

It was a wild and fun night to remember. There will be another "Danger! Danger!" in Nälg this Saturday. The theme is electricity and expect nothing more or less than music we enjoy playing and that can't be heard at any other night in Tartu. This time Redlip will play instead of Zuks, because he is working on graduating, but he will probably still make a cameo appearance on the dance floor. Redlip will play glitch hop and maybe dubstep. I will play High Tone, Felix Cartal,  Noisia, Brodinski and lots of others. This is what went down last time.

I went to see Mimicry at Genialistid on Saturday. The event had three notable bands (Galvanic Elephants and Malcolm Lincoln). It had been a while since I've been there and it has been so packed. The bands were decent, but didn't actually surprise with much else than the pops and crackles from the speakers and Robin's thick beard. Sadly my camera is being repaired at the moment, so I don't have any photos. Step by the Facebook page to see the all time top 10 albums and tracks from the "Old but gold" section.

You should recognize these two half-naked boys.

See you on Saturday at Nälg and possibly at Tallinn soon enough. Keep an eye on my Facebook to know when the new track comes out. It will be soon enough, just got to get some technical things sorted.

Make it a Fluon moment!