Unleashing the beast!

"...both EPs are very good and out of the eight tracks only one didn't fit. It wasn't bad, but somehow didn't fit with the others. Otherwise pure LOVE!"

Hey, welcome back!
The quote is by Trash from Trash Can Dance. Only a couple of days before the EP is unleashed. There's a new page up there on the right and on the 7th you can find the EP there for downloading, at the moment the artwork is there for you to enjoy. If you can't wait then some tracks are already available at my Soundcloud and Popop posted "Ocean Sound Wave".

by Keiu Maasik

These are a couple of photos from our Danger! Danger! night. The new girl, Tamhiis started the night with some hard bangers and from there on the night was like a runaway train (runaway train never going back). As I started playing two familiar girls appeared and started dancing. Last time we were playing they were dancing, but I've never seen them at any other parties. A coincidence, secret fans or dancing stalkers? We'll see at the next "Danger! Danger!"

Zuks pleasuring his machine. Photo: Keiu Maasik
I say, there's still hope for Estonian music, even despite Ott Lepland winning the "Eesti Laul" contest. Lenna, stay strong, you were a jewel! The show was barely watchable, but we managed thanks to support from friends, drinks and a hookah. Celebrate "Black March" with us and stop listening to major labels stuff for a month.

On fire at Nälg. Photo: Keiu Maasik
Except for an awesome taco-margarita night at Tiigi street, not that many other news from this week. Most of my energy and time is focused on getting ready for Tallinn Music Week and unleashing the EP. It has been a hassle doing most of it by myself, but I have to thank Zuks for his advice on the design and Keiu for helping with the photography. It has been a valuable experience. I expect a couple of reviews in online and offline media, I'll post them as they appear. If there are no new blog posts, check my Twitter feed on the right, I post news as I get them. Be sure not to miss my free live at LHV office on the 31st in Tallinn.

Make it a Fluon moment!