Meeting the president

[Your EP is] really fierce!

First thing I saw in Tallinn on Wednesday, was the President signing books at Solaris with Ewert buying something just ten meters away. I stood so close that if I reached out my arm I could have touched his bodyguard. After that I was ready for the first brief about the upcoming Tallinn Music Week. There were other music business celebrities present. I sat with the guys from Laika Virgin. On Friday I went to show where all the rock bands consisted of marketing people. It was a strange new experience.

Young live at Nälg. Taken with my new camera.

I bought a new camera to replace my broken Canon powershot A610. After research I went for the Samsung WB700. The verdict is that it's a decent camera if you have enough light (natural/flash), but in the dark it's dirty like a slut. I'll give my best to get more good photos and videos with it, especially videos.

This guy is a booze hound.

These are some photos I rescued from my canon. They're from a trashy art festival with a wild performance. It took place in the children's art school gallery. The children had left already. The walls are covered with a street-art exhibition. It reminded me of the art-school parties I used to go to as a teenager - trashy and unimaginable.

"I made us these gowns and then I rode my husband all the way from home."

The EP has been received quite well although there could be more listeners. Share it with your friends, I'm sure that everyone can find a track that suits them. I've given two interviews relating to the EP, but they are in Estonian. I might translate them for you if you want to read them. Also ask any questions you would like me to answer in the comments.

Make it a Fluon moment!