Garage and a birthday

A rising star in the estonian electro house scene

Welcome back!
The first photos from my new samsung WB700 camera. I tested it at a friend's birthday. The fridge was waiting for us with rainbow jello shots. There was a variety of tastes and colors, I remember champagne and vodka mojito flavor ones.

The birthday girl getting down.

Later in the evening there was almost a fight as someone had taken a girl's gin without asking. She eventually calmed down and left. Don't mess with people's liquor, you might get stabbed and lets face it, gin isn't worth that.

Before the guests arrived.

One of the best presents was a whole grilled chicken. The guests tore it limb for limb and ate it bare. I contributed a bag of dumplings, that were a great end to the party when we left for the center. So it's always a good idea to bring food to a party, unless it's organized by Italians, they never run out of good food at their parties.

A stilist, because the book matches his clothes and sleigh.

There was a girl in the kitchen who confessed that after getting a perfect score on her high school essay, her life had only degraded.

Karl, the biggest playa at the party with girls and boys wanting a piece of him.

Playing truth or dare had been banned forever and no substitute game had been found. Afterwards we went to Nott, where we met others and continued our night.

Zuks, multitasking - taking the last jello shot while leaving.

I played a closed live at Garage48 event on Sunday. Nothing special, but I'll take any opportunity I get to prepare for the grand finale at Tallinn Music Week this Friday.

At the Garage48 startup event.

The cool part was that I got to meet David Noel from Soundcloud there. There were also a couple of people who were enthused about my music and the whole thing was broadcasted live. I got to stay on the stage and switch on music in between teams.

For whale tail lovers.

See you at Tallinn Music Week!