Burnt house rave

The last track was too youthful

Hello ghetto by Jarmo the Gifmeister

 There was a special party called "Kuri Karjas" in the center of Tallinn. It took place in a burned house. Just a cross the street from a mainstream club. The event took place on a Wednesday night at around midnight. Everything was charred, there were walls missing and holes in the ground.

Friendly faces everywhere

One of the rooms looked like a meth rape commercial with a single mattress in the middle of it and no lights on. There were also fire extinguishers spread around the windowpanes and next to the stages and heaters.

The "meth rape room"

One of the guys who had no respect for the fire safety was Dj Fabrique. In the heat of the night he played his new mash up of 212 and Firestarter. His set included new ghetto electronics from around Europe.

Dj Fabrique dropping Bass

His bass was so hard that the speakers cable kept getting loose. All of this "reminded" me of old raves where you had to call someone or some number in order to find out where the rave was going to be that night.

Bar and the power.

Hanging at the bar

There were quite some scenesters present as well and I'm a bit surprised the night wasn't mentioned in other media afterwards. Strangely enough I think it was sponsored by a new drink. What better/worse place to endorse your new drink.


The first dancers

Then again maybe the cutouts were there to add to the crowd of the house. I left somewhat early and didn't see the biggest crowd, but the atmosphere was potent when I was there, or maybe it was just the mixture fog and smoke.

There's never a place for the plates

There were also incountable birthdays happening during last weekends. Things went down and  photos were taken. Here's a peek for you.

The simplest punch I've ever had.

I have been missing for some time from the interwebs as I have been completing my new record. Also we spent a weekend with my good Swiss friend, shooting a music video for one of the coming tracks. I can't promise anything else then I will not hog it once I get it.

Shooting the video at my studio.

I will write about the process of making it once it's close to done. Meanwhile swing by soundcloud and get some of my tracks or invite Fluon to your event.

See you soon