In and out of 2 Saturdays.

was a blast

This Saturday it was time for my birthday bash. Celebrating quarter a century of adventures. I invited over 70 people to take part. We prepared my studio for the occasion with extra lightning. The guests later said that it felt like being in a womb.

Mixing the punch, different techniques. Photo: K.Maasik

There was also a food installation made out of action-painted sandwiches and killer punch to go with it. The key to every punch is that it shouldn't taste like it's strong but it should be just that.

The beginning. Photo: K. Maasik

The first patch of punch tasted like watered down juice, but a cup later I was tipsy. Some of my blurriest birthday memories are from times when I've been sitting next to the punch bowl or bucket for too long.

Never heard people discuss sandwiches for so long before.

One time it was even in a wheelbarrow and I had to bike to work after that. Luckily I worked as a bartender at a nightclub so it was no biggie. It did take me 2 hours before I was sober again though.

Some where dancing, others were lounging.

This time I wasn't the one to black out although I still can't believe how fast 7 hours of partying can disappear. For the first time I played tracks off of my coming EP CitYearning, mixing them with old tracks from around 5 years ago.

And later most of the people were dancing.

People started dancing in the middle of the room and on the mattress. It don't think I've ever played a live that drunk, because I went to get another cup of punch and then completely forgot I was in the middle of my set. Dj Fabrique took over and the dancing continued.

Rock your socks!

As an apparent tradition there were also wieners to cook when the night was peaking. I heard that a big part of the wieners had been flung out of the open window.

The main room got packed full.

Another thing I didn't witness myself was when a new patch of punch was made. As we had around 10 bottles of sparkling wine and some vodka, no juice, no beer or long drink so I guess that it was quite potent.

The night close to 3am.

A big thanks to everyone who came and made this the best birthday party I've had in last 10 years or so. I have to also thank the neighbors and flatmates. The first didn't mind that the music was blasting with max volume from midnight to 3am and the latter just left to let us have the party.

The last present I got, was in the morning. Photo: K.Maasik

The Saturday before my birthday we went to check out Hotel Salvador. I have known Tõnis who runs the Salvador series for six-seven years already. The way he experiments with social media is inspiring. For example he used to give out awards to Estonian blogs.

You got to know how to survive in the windy city.

 This time the Hotel Salvador event was a closed invite-only event with close friends and scenesters invited. This is probably why the event had such a laid-back fun feel to it. Half of the people there I already knew and had partied with before.

It wasn't the easiest hotel to find.

As the doors opened for everyone at 1 am there were also people I didn't know arriving. At that time as I was starving we went by Baltijaam to get a classical tšeburek and some mushroom pancakes.

Sander Mölder playing his set at Hotel Salvador

The weather had been stormy all night long and I'm not sure how many people didn't make it because they got lost on the way. Having some brandy with us helped against the raging wind.

Bartender why you no give Me a drink!?

Hotel Salvador was a great first event and I'm excited to see what will happen next time there. The pool party is this weekend in Tartu so I might go by there.

See you soon!