Fluon at Eclectica #2 Bassy Byetone

"This is the best party I've been to!"

Hey you!
Yesterdays Matemaatika was yet another Eclectica style epic party. The best part was Byetone. Here's a video of him playing at the OFFF festival>

Kaido and Eva were first with their with their punk electronics set. It was enjoyable except for the fact that Eva was somewhere in the dark. We only heard her, but she's a girl worth seeing as well. Lithuanian Metroscan had an interesting show, but it was almost unbearable. There were difficulties with the sound system so the harsh sound hurt peoples ears. Luckily I had an earplug. Their visuals were great thou.

Byetone playing his bass music.

The star of the night was BYETONE. I hadn't heard his music before, but it didn't matter. His beats were hard and the visuals were hypnotic. Everyone on the dancefloor was dancing. Byetone started with "Plastic star", numbers ticking behind him. The people dived into the heavy music music head on and everyone in the venue was dancing instead of the usual first five rows. The bass kept sweeping the dance floor and people threw their fists in the air. The last track was a special killer and it was sad to see him go so we got him back on the stage. He confessed that he doesn't have an encore so we got everyone chanting: "Same set! Same set!" until he played "Plastic star" one more time. People went wild, Kiwa Noid and Renca climbed on the speakers and had a synced dance which ended topless. There are photos of that on xx blog.

Kiwa Noid "Plastic star" strip dance show.

The party ended at 4 am. We continued the night at Karl T's house. It's his birthday, so happy birthnight from Fluon. The after party had 40 people in a small apartment and the speakers on max. The big finalle was the police arriving at 6 am because of all the fun we were having. We unsuccessfully tried to throw them out, because no one invited them to the party. No one got taken away and Karl T didn't get a fine. The after party continued on the streets and around town.

The police sent us on the street.

Get ready for another wild night, listen to party music from the player up there> and put your dancing shoes on for Vakula - the Ukrainian house master who will be playing tonight in Genklubi at Eclectica.

See you there!