Release with Steve Aoki

Cool space disco + old italo rave, the spacial feel of the sound and all the bell sounds are great! Sounds mostly fit for a party.

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As it's a new year I've decided to do something new and review Steve Aoki's coming album Wonderland. I hope you already listened to Molotown off my coming E.P. in last week's post.

Girls getting trashed

I have been giving "Molotov spray tan" E.P. the finishing touch for another week. I've already gotten good feedback on the tracks, like the quote by Berk Vaher in the beginning of the post. For me these are tracks that you would want to listen to over and over again and I left out a lot of tracks from Jet set rebels + Molotov spray tan E.P. Once it's out I'll do a post that explains each track, the influences, time being and the story behind it. I hope you are as excited as I am about it!

Album art from Steve Aoki's Wonderland

Steve Aoki is an artist that I've respect for quite some time. His new album Wonderland is about to drop on the 17th of January. Here's my short review. The overall sound is a bit too LMFAO popish for me. The best tracks from the album are Steve Jobs and Ooh, which sounds like Eminem has grown some balls and is rapping in a foundry (it's actually feat. Raimon Roy). Cudi the kid feat. you know who & Travis Barker is the most eclectic track, but I'd have hoped more from that collaboration. You can hear influences of Swedish House Mafia and Calvin Harris all over the album and the sound is rather classical than new. One or two of the tracks might become this summer's anthems. All together it's not that bad, but I'd have expected something harder and fresher from Steve Aoki like his track Wake up and collaboration with Bloody Bettroots. Well give it a go anyways, at least once.
08 Steve Jobs feat Angger Dimas by steveaoki

Mihkel under the christmas tree.

I'm going to play a show in February, I'll let you know more as it approaches and things get cleared up. It will consist mostly of the new E.P. tracks and there might be a couple of surprises.
See you soon!