Gang plans for 2012

My mom told me that to get into a gang girls have to have sex with all the members, and I'm definitely not doing that.

Welcome back!
We've formed a fresh gang. Check out the other gang members over here - B gang on Facebook. We'll be partying hard, dancing the night away, sharing good music and doing whatever else we want together. Send us a photo of you doing a B gang sign to join - bartholmusic [at] gmail [dotcom].

Joining the gang

I've been working on the plan for year 2012, setting goals and taking the first steps towards accomplishing them. Expect more tracks, gigs and new topics on Fluon. We're going to make this year count. I'm coming up with new ideas for clothes and stuff and I'm getting help from other people. If you have ideas or you want to help then don't hesitate to contact me. The same goes for remixes and propositions.

Zuks and Bebe enjoying a night in Kink Konk.

On the 3rd of February I'm playing a beastly show at Von Krahl with Mart Avi, Firejose and others. It will be the premiere of Jet set rebels + Molotov spray tan E.P. I'll be giving away free tickets to Cheap&Chic so stay tuned and like Barthol Lo Mejor page on Facebook to know what's going down.

We've been going through the video clips from the studio live with Redlip. As soon as we come up with the concept and edit it there will be a video. I plan to make more videos in 2012, some of which will explain aspects of my music others  will take you backstage.

Nott is open again and we're celebrating.

Things continue to get better. I'll be back soon with good news and the progress with the E.P. My camera has seized to work at the moment, but I expect to get it fixed asap.
See you soon!