#186 Berlin 1st of May

Kein Bier vor fier

Hey, here's another post from Berlin.

Super hero girl shuffling.

The greatest outdoor party I have witnessed in Berlin was the 1st of May. I didn't quite gather why everyone was partying but I guess in Berlin people take any chance they can get.

Everyone should have a team.

We had been recommended Görlitzer park and that's loosely where we stayed. The Polizei was deployed and the sirens were wailing every ten minutes. We didn't see any rioting except for the time when someone smashed a bottle under the tires of the Polizei van.

Lost ninja turtle.

By accident I managed to come upon a friend from Tallinn, whom I hadn't yet met in Berlin. He told me that he had just come out for breakfast and gone with the flow of the crowd. I asked him for some tips on locations and left with a promise to meet up later.

Accidentally found a friend from Tallinn.

The streets were filled with crowds of people and at times I felt as if I was in a cyberpunk cartoon. There were punks, hippies and any other kind of subcultures you can imagine. From street to street there were different music being played on stages.

Police snipers??

Another cool thing was that Caipirinhas and Mojitos was sold everywhere and there were local men selling it from tubs they had brought from home. It was a strange sight.

Sparkling wine in the park.
As we were informed all of the small shops were we had hoped to get some beer, were turned into tiny bars with music, higher prices and occasionally people dancing.

Spätkauf (corner shop) party.
At some point we had to get a bite to eat and finally settled on a schawarma and of course a döner kebab. All the cafes and bars had improvised benches and tables outside for the occasion. Toilets were in a higher demand and so people just improvised.

Trashed bike.

While filming an old man on ecstasy dancing with a dachshund and then the black kids who were harassing him. One of them confronted me suddenly asking me if I was from the police and why I was filming.

The crowd dancing in the rain.

Otherwise the vibe of it all was positive and liberating and there was a lot of good music on different stages. Everything from rap to experimental performance bands were playing somewhere.

Creepy performance Dj.

The after-hours-man superhero.

As the rain was pouring over the open air crowd, who kept on dancing or took out their umbrellas, we decided to seek shelter inside and headed over to Neukölln.
See you soon