How to spend Valentine's day?

Hey friends,

happy valentines day! I hope you have a busy one with the night ending in the sheets. I'm still enjoying mine, but I took the time stop by and wish you a happy one with this pink girl sucking a lollipop.
This is your present for valentines day. It's a frame from the visual that Vj Kri made for I S2 U. It's pink and sweet enough for valentines. It will be online for you in a week or so. It features a lovely girl that we shot for a music video in 2008. It was supposed to be for my track Give me chemicalls but it never happened in the end. It's too bad because it had loads of candy in the colors of the rainbow and her flirting with the camera.
Come back soon for the visual.

How to learn scales on keyboard? Just color code them like I did. 4 different minor scales in  different colors. My skill on keys can use lots of improvement so that's what I'm spending my time on at the moment (not today ofc). Talk to you soon. I have a show coming up in Tallinn, but more on that soon or just follow me on twitter. See you soon!