Our nights are full of music.

Hey you! I have something to tell you:
In case you didn't know what I S2 U stands for, this picture helps. It's half past two at night over here. I just love staying up for the night, listening to good music - I'm listening to Mark Ronson - Bang (U-tern dub) on manalogue atm. I got a new haircut today. It's really short and has a military feel to it, it was partly inspired by Frankmusik and maybe Armand Van Helden, I got tired of my Ritchie Hawtin haircut.
I'm super happy with YOU! For Play ep has been downloaded 125 times, thanks for joining our party. If you haven't then get it started here. I've had some press coverage of the release but the best feedback I received was a letter on facebook saying: "For Play ep is awesome! I just had sex to I S2 U :)" It always makes me happy if you join the two things I S2 - my music and sex.

I'm organizing a local gathering of musicians tomorrow. It's a good occasion to see what the other musicians are thinking. I have a couple of collaboration plans with some singers. It's powered by soundcloud. If you have soundcloud, then follow me, because I'll share exclusive tracks through it. If you don't have it then join my mailinglist and get the tracks as well.

I spend the Friday in Tallinn with Redlip. She had a gig in Ekkm. It was nice to go on a trip especially with such good company, the three hours in the car felt like 20 minutes. I'm editing the clips I filmed during the trip to a tiny documentary. I'll probably post it here also.

I'm feeling sleepy now. Thanks for reading, listen to my music and comment. See you soon.