We partied harder than Kylie Minogue!

I burned down the house yesterday. Luckily only things that ignited were the people and a bit of my hair - beat that, Kylie. Playing with sparklers again.
Welcome, there's a player on your right. Push play and get into last nights party mood as you read about and see all the fun we had with the night>

While Kylie was singing we partied. Soldiers are prancing at our national parade at the moment. I was commanding another army yesterday - an army of dancers. So many different people dancing to the beat of my kick drum: art school students, curators, Russian thugs, musicians, good friends and models.

My favorite contemporary dancer (and fan) - Henry showing his support for me and beer in the front row once again. I was still sober yesterday, I have been for all of  February. It's an useful experience, I discovered that a hangover is only 30% about the consumed alcohol. Fashion Tv is still good to watch with any kind of an hangover, especially when fashion week is in Paris.

Photographer, listening instead of shooting on the right and a curator getting his first dose of my music.

The only video I have at the moment is from the sound check, but as you see people were dancing already.

The party was organized by the people from Estonian Art Academy. Lucky me as they took some really good photos. Bookmark me, I'll share them with you as soon as I get them. Also thanks to the organizers, the party was well organized, fun and an experience. I'm looking forward to working (partying) with them again.

I couldn't have done it without all of you dancing there. I appreciate that and also thanks for the feedback. See you soon. I'll let you know where and when and then we'll tear the night apart once again.

There would have been more people but a lot of people went to see Kylie Minogue, she was rumored to attend our party also, but I didn't see her.

Another party played and  special night shared. If you didn't make it this time then at least you saw the photos and heard the stories.
See you soon.