Come together! - bad girls look good on photos.

"You need some realistic photos on your blog, the photos are too good."

Welcome to my party and music blog, I see it more as our magazine or a zine, than a blogspot. That's why I'm really picky when it comes to photos. They have to have the right feel to them, I don't like bad photos, but I like hot photos of bad girls.

The night club awaits with real bad girls, but before that some youtube music. I have the top songs for you. I keep songs that I like on my youtube favorites, but I'll share them with you - click here for them.
Talking of youtube music and youtube videos, the eye candy for I S2 U is complete. It's not a music video, but rather something to keep your screen blinking while you dance around your room. Enjoy it  below>

My birthday is on the 5th of march, I'm going to turn 23. We're going to have a birthday party and you're invited. It will be a blog party, which will take place right here on Fluon. There will be guests, bands performing, videos and a special present from me to you. It will be available only for a day or two, so make sure you are at my party on the 5th of March on Fluon. Bring a friend with you and lets see if we can top 120 visitors which is the current record for Fluon.

Sometimes the foreplay on the dancefloor gets out of hand. While you're waiting for the night, get in the mood with my music from the player at the top right  corner or listen to the mix I made. It was for This mixtape is so 2010 and it has my favorite songs from 2010. Get it here>

See you soon, at the blog party.