Come party with us! We have presents.

Welcome to my birthday party. You're a little late, I had a special present for you. Still look around, mingle and enjoy the party. As you can see old friends like Sebastien Tellier, Toxic Avenger, Hercules + Love Affair and Frankmusik are here. They'll be playing soon, just push play>

First we cruise the streets of facebook with bass and invite people with us to the night. All the french electro Djs, bad girls and cool dancers are welcome. Come on, invite your friends over here as well, the more the merrier. Share it, so we'll break the current record for Fluon which is 120. If you find these guys a bit strange then don't worry it's just that they are French. It's an advantage when we get to the night club, because they know how to dance. Stay with us because our next stop is a pub in England. I also wanted to take you to Calvin Harris' Scottish manor, but his label hasn't allowed this.

Next part of the night - England with Frankmusik. He guides us through the night from a pub to another and even to the dusty dumpster to throw up. Meet loads of easy girls, skinny hipster boys with fake glasses and an occasional bloke parading by. Enough of dancing in the night club, it's time to take shots of hard licor with the locals. Try not to get too wasted an kicked out like Frank usually does. We still have to go to New York city for the afterparty.

It appears we have traveled back in time as well. Welcome to the eighties of New York city. They sing to "put my house in order", but noone is bothering with cleaning up and everyone is just partying away to the next day. Loads of empty and half empty bottles and snacks on the tables and the messed up mascara of the girls because of  making out with the french boys in the night club. How come there are so many people in horrible outfits here? Oh well, whatever it's time for last drinks. One for the road, but where are we going to next?
The hangover is an artform in itself. This party ends with the French hangover or a gueule du bois. The cloudy morning has arrived, the pool is out of champagne and Sebastien Tellier is singing. Apparently everyone else stayed in New York city and it's just us, Sebastien Tellier and twenty three French girls over here. I lend him my sunglasses because the dim morning light hurts his eyes and he can't sing properly without those. The girls can't find their pants anywhere or remember why they don't have any in the first place. It doesn't really matter it's not that cold. Everyone can go around in their underwear anyway. We have some breakfast, make out with some girls and talk about last nights party. It's almost over now.
But it isn't actually over, you can take a part of this back home with you. It's the free mp3 download of my new 80's bassline track Frank call (presents ran out on the 7th of march). Listen to it and remember our party and if you have any presents for me then send them to me through comments or email. Thanks for coming and see you real soon.