Week end night adventures

"Your blog is like Gossip Girl, but instead of the gossip it has good music."

Hey you,
another week end has passed, no sleep, but many adventures. The night started on Friday 9pm at the club Teine Maailm and ended on Saturday night in Nott. I almost split a ballerina in half a couple of months ago, I saw her again and poked her in the eye this time. She wasn't happy about that, it happens. I pissed off a relative I hadn't seen for years, but in the end we celebrated my birthday instead of fighting.

Blink blink it's my bling bling, the cool present I got for my birthday, a silvery steel bling with my name>

We had 67 guests at Fluon for the party and presents on Saturday. We didn't break the current record of 120 visitors, but I hope you came and enjoyed the free mp3 download of Frank call> 
"It's the 80s, but with a Bassline. 
A jock tries to reason with cranky grandparents 
in the middle of the night, 
while his house is getting trashed. 
The grandparents don't like him 
calling for sex in the middle of the night."
 If you didn't get it, then follow Barthol's soundcloud. If you don't have soundcloud then join the Barthol's mailing list and you'll get it. 

I heard my tracks are being played abroad. Yeah!!! was played on Rsr radio's Atakama show < listen to the Swiss electro show. Windshield Pfeiffer was played in Hungary in January at Popmeter. I also got a letter saying that my tracks don't have album art. The logo and photo we'll combine into album art soon so the tracks will have a face on your iPod.

It's not only party party party for me. Badass Yuki released their album Black Apple Trip and I'm working on a remix for Rollercoaster Town. I just added songs to Barthol's bandpage on facebook meet us there. Listen to my tracks, comment, download and share share share them with friends.

See you soon, party hard,