New video, indie balloon party

"Your music has become so pleasurable."

Hey You!
This is the new eye candy video by Vj Jaido Muss for "Yeah!!!" Watch it, comment and share it with others. It has bad girls, neon city lights and
[If you missed the first one then I S2 U Vj Kri eye candy is here.]

Another week end with the nights. If you run out of party ideas then you can throw a wild balloon, toilet paper and lego party like Karl did. Enjoy these party photos on my blog>

Caught in action. This is little red riding hood - the modern day version in a glittery jacket. She is preparing to come over with potatoes and red wine. You better get ready.

Bad girls had too much rum with coca cola and trashed the room with toilet paper, balloons and what not. The birthday boy is suffering from caffeine addiction because of all the coca cola. He really liked the purple balloon.

This indie hipster girl sitting in the corner at the party has a music blog - involved apples.

The hipster birthday boy was handing out rewards for the right answers. What do you think of his beard? It deserves the spotlight. His crazy estonian battlestar galactica blog.

This guy is not a hipster. He was so so happy happy with making this yellow balloon snail. Well you've got to party anyway you can. Most of the guests continued the night out at the night club, but some of us went to the bar instead. Luckily I got some aspirin from the pharmacy and it felt so much less worse the morning after.

Drawing a face on the yellow balloon.

I  got this letter from the popmeter guy in Hungary: "the party was an indie/pop/shoegaze/punk/electro happening in Eger. It's a beautiful town in Hungary. The place of the event was the secondary room of the cult underground club named Egal. You know, I'm a music journalist and i had my birthday party then, so my girlfriend (baghdad) was my dj-mate. She was the special guest of the special party, and we love Windshield Pfeiffer" - The windshield loves you as well.

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