You don't have to fight, to party right.

"Fighting, girls in lingerie costumes and stripping nude."

Hey you,
What a bloody night! But first I am glad to announce that Barthol Lo Mejor shirts have been printed and some of you are already wearing them (although some prefer to be nude). They're hand printed in NELK and are 10€ , if you want one then email me at bartholmusic(a)gmail(dot)com. There are 20 of them and they are numbered. If you are the 3rd one to buy a shirt then it will say 3/20 on yours and so on.

Me and Redlip were playing back to back in sadamateater this friday as Fluon. It was a costume party and there were some sexy costumes and some cool ones. Bad girls in maid, fairy and bunny outfits and a guy dressed as a nun.
The trouble with sadamateater is that the backstage is so cozy that you can just spend the whole party there talking to the other artists. DJs didn't have a backstage but I went up with my main man whose band was playing that night as well. We were the last ones to play and we got to play twice as long because the next Dj brought mp3 cds instead of regular ones. We were using the Traktor S4. One geek was just standing at first, but then he got into the music. He jumped around and started stripping until he was nude. The nude guy was running around and bouncing his balls. The security insisted he would stop stripping and get dressed again. He managed to keep his clothes on for a little while.

Last time boys stripped to my music was in 2008

After playing we decided to go to Nott. The guys took the vodka they had hidden in the snow before. We headed out to continue the night out on the town. On the way we drank the ice cold vodka. I mixed the coke we had left over into the beers of the friends we met on the way.
In Nott everything was super, the vodka was doing it's thing. The night was pure fun and everyone was enjoying it. I saw old friends and we had fun. But then the dwarf-like emo kid I was talking to went insane. In the middle of our conversation the insane dwarf decided to punch my glass while I was drinking from it. What a bloody mess. Four guys grabbed him and threw his sorry ass out, before I could fight back. You can't see it on Tv, but his mental health just isn't there, mostly because of being so small. It's no surprise that he is known for hitting girls and making bad music. The injuries are not serious just not pretty to look at. I would be in a worse condition if I'd have had to listen to him sing.

The night out in Paris, heading somewhere with the guys, not related to the story.
That was my wild knock out week end. It was actually more fun than bleeding. Me and Redlip will probably play again soon. I hope you did less fighting. Do you like the costume parties, how did you spend the weekend? Share it in comments.

See you soon,