United we party!

"I dreamed  a heap of cocaine last night. I'm awake now!"
Welcome, read on for more about the night>

I can't believe I didn't get selected to play at Tallinn music week. Some bands were contacted ahead and asked if they wanted to play at TMW without competing for the slot. Some bands were invited back for the second year. That's totally unfair. I was on MTV Iggy a year before their new favorite Iiris and still got no recognition. Music doesn't have to be about (hippies with) guitars. Let people have the warm dripping basses and heatwaves blowing out of the speakers. Girls in little clothes just dancing to the beat of the kick drum at the tight parties that go on till the morning. Estonian electro needs a week as well. There is an electro festival coming in May, but more on that soon.

With no help from the big organisation it's up to us to make it happen. We have to do this together. If you like party music then share my new Ep with one person who might enjoy it. Do it however you can - link them to my Ep, share it on facebook or play it to them from your iPod. This music is for all of us, to get hyped up to and to get wild at the parties. Share it with other cool people ;)
I'm playing in Tallinn this week though. Bring your dancing shoes as I will show you how things get crazy.
I'll play an unreleased track and sing on it myself: "All the highway shiny lights, calling us away. I can't resist the urge to follow!" I'm considering different ways to get wild. I gave up on the cowbell solo as it's usually louder than most of the soundsystems.
I received  a lovely comment on my last post. She told me that she finally read my book "Popdada" which she "loathed" for two years because of the cover (it's up there). Now she can't go to parties anymore because they aren't as good as the ones in the book. I love to get comments from you. If you think of something then leave a comment and check back soon for my answer.