Photos of Estonian summer

The summer is such a neverending adventure that it's hard to find time to retell it all. There have been too many different events to try to write about, but photos are even better for sharing the atmosphere.

Midsummer's eve prefire

When I'm not touring around Estonia, I'm working on my music and CitYearning EP, so if you haven't then check it out as well.

Marveling the summer beach on the coast

Summer heat in Tallinn

Girl in Tartu

Short skirts in Tartu

Living in a green house

Traditional Estonian summer menu

The coastline beach in Pärnumaa

Discovering that the palette already looks like a painting

Summer addiction to instant noodles

Catching the supermoon at lake Peipsi

Midsummer's fire on lake Peipsi

Grilling at sunset at Pärnumaa

Empty Tartu at night

More photos to come. See you soon at Mõisa Karneval festival this weekend.