What happened in 2013 + new track

It was a great record for a hangover

I spent the first year of the half working, then I had the best summer of my life and then I worked on new music harder than ever. Here's the first track off of the coming "Dark Bounce" EP - "Bass and Clap" shot at Mimicry's studio on the new year's eve:

I don't want to remember my office job. The summer however is worth remembering as I was touring Estonia. I wanted to do something in every county in Estonia. I managed to get 12 out of 15. But lets get to the list.

In 2013:

>I played 13 times
>singelhandedly produced and published CitYearning EP
>we produced a music video for "Night Out Prep" and premiered it
>"TV Bitch" was featured on a cassette compilation by Trash Can Dance, more to come this year
>wrote post #150 for Fluon
>all the visiting records were broken at Fluon
>published 35 posts on Fluon
>took about 10 000 photos
>Shot a new press photo with Keiu Maasik
>started painting again
>started towards a new darker direction
> got played on couple of different shows

Welcome to 2014 and see you at Noorus on the 4th Jan, where we play at Danger Danger 4,