You have a good ear

Welcome to 2014. The new year with new challenges. To get the Fluon year started, here's a set of highlights. Some of them people, some of them city views.

Ott is a media genius with creative ideas and technical skills to make them happen. This is his multicolor table.

Lotta is a little spark and the most stubborn person I know when it comes to music.

Pepe is a light Wizard. This took place at the NYE party at Mimicry's studio. Barthol played a live.

Chungin and Molly Nilsson is a flammable mix. Having fun in the backstage of Sinilind.

Sparkling Johanna and Liisa at "Molly Nilsson" in Sinilind.

The stars of night time Tartu back in December.

Hear you soon,

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